Understanding Addiction and Recovery

News feeds and social media outlets have been filled with commentary on the recent death of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman. The nature of his passing has led to many public conversations concerning recognizing addiction, caring for those who battle it and the language surrounding it.

The following resources offer some great advice for those who struggle with addiction personally or in the life of a loved-one:

Christian psychologist and biblical counselor Phil Monroe borrows from C.S. Lewis to illustrate the strength of addiction.

Is AA better than the church at representing the healing of addictions?

Alva Noe asks if addiction is just a disease of the brain or should it be viewed in light of the “whole person.”

Dave Stoop draws from the story of the prodigal son to offer counsel for addicts’ families.

Drawing on 20 years of ministry to those in recovery, Richard Rohr offers hope to those who struggle with addiction or addictive tendencies. 


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