The Weekly Breather: Jesus Became Poor

A guided art meditation is simply a time to be still, contemplate, and allow God to speak to you through art. While we are accustomed to verbal and written forms of communication, art is a visual form which connects with our minds and hearts in a very different way. It is a way of communicating without using words. 

Settle Yourself and Release

Find a quiet place to relax and meet God. Gather all of your current thoughts or concerns and place them aside. Be still and breathe deeply.

Encounter: Jesus Became Poor

For this breather, spend several minutes looking at the artwork at the top of this article: “Jesus Became Poor” by Jake Dorr (USA/Contemporary). Then, read through each Scripture passage slowly,


For He knows how we are formed;

He is mindful that we are dust.

Psalm 103:14 (JPS)


Then Jesus was led by the Spirit

into the wilderness

to be tempted by the devil.

Matthew 4:1 (NET)


For we do not have a high priest incapable

of sympathizing with our weaknesses,

but one who has been tempted in every way

just as we are, yet without sin. 

Hebrews 4:15 (NET)


Contemplate: His Poverty and Our Freedom


Get quiet again.

First thank God for Jesus’s humanity.

Ask Him where you are too attached to this world.

Listen to how He might lead you to freedom.

Write it down and post it somewhere so that you will see it regularly.

Ben is a husband, father, priest, and scholar with a PhD in Biblical Studies (NT emphasis) from Asbury Theological Seminary. Prior to his studies at Asbury, he completed his M.Div. at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and served with Mission Aviation Fellowship in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He and his wife, Amy, have 4 handsome sons. Ben loves to play music, make (and eat) sushi, dabble with tech, and help his boys navigate life. He currently serves as the Soul Care Community's Editorial Assistant and Book Review Editor.


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