Learning How to Navigate Life’s Transitions

Marilyn Elliott looks at our society’s seemingly constant state of transition and offers advice on how to manage it well.


4 responses to “Learning How to Navigate Life’s Transitions”

  1. Tommy Artmann says:

    Marilyn, This is excellent . Very wise words! I plan to share this with many.

  2. Erin says:

    Thanks for your wise words in video form instead of relying on my memory of your talks. Just last weekend, after arriving home from a week of vacation to a church event on the calendar that evening, my wise pastor husband said, “you shouldnt feel like you have to come. why don’t you stay home with the kids and work on reentry. ” He got this from your teaching years ago and I am thankful.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Thanks for this! This is exactly what I needed (but didn’t know I needed).

  4. Merm says:

    Four days from today our three very adult sons and their wives travel from all over the US to our home to make the decision on where we will be living out our days. Although our children love God, love us, have been incredibly generous to my disabled husband (for 20+ years) and myself, and I am fully convinced that they will make a loving, wise, God-directed choice, I find myself crying for
    “no apparent reason.” I have fully supported (if not rather forced) this transition and have wondered why I get so emotional about it now that it is finally here.

    Watching and hearing you share your wisdom today has been a gift of God. Thank you. I believe I understand more about why I am experiencing such swings in emotion from excitement over the move (I love, love change!) and the sudden onslaught of tears (where did THEY come from?).

    May God continue to bless your ministry.

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