God Dances Over Us!

“I rejoice over you” – I dance, skip, leap, and spin around in joy. I dance with shouts of joy over you!
Zephaniah 3: 17

Children, remember our God; our God rejoices over us.
He skips, 
He leaps,
He spins around in joy.

Children, remember our God; our God rejoices over us. 
He sings,
He shouts,
He whispers words of love.

Children, remember our God; our God rejoices over us.
He celebrates,
He toasts,
He dances over us.

Do we realize?
Do we recognize?
Do we hear the celebration?

We can’t earn it.
We can’t produce it. 
We can’t manipulate it.

We can accept the invitation.
We can join in.
We can enjoy the celebration.

May we humble ourselves,
Seek Him,
Find refuge in Him,
Find our righteous in Him, and
Celebrate Him.

 “May we Glorify Him and Him alone.”

And . . . find ourselves awake to glory now and forever.

Dear God, 

Not only do you create us, redeem us, deliver us, save us, heal us, liberate us, comfort us, guide us, protect us, strengthen us, empower us—You made a way for us to enter into the greatest celebration ever conceived. Help us to never forget this promise and blessing. Thank You for extending such a wonderful invitation.  

No words, except . . . 

Thanks be to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit!

Margaret Brooks is a Kentucky Licensed Pastoral Counselor in Madison County KY. Over the years, her life has been full of many passions and interests including being a wife for almost thirty years, a mother of two wonderful children, a physical therapist, and sports enthusiast. While obtaining her MDiv in Pastoral Care and Counseling at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, an interest in spiritual formation and monasticism was kindled and grew. In 2017, she was given the opportunity to be involved in a two-year Soul Care Cohort facilitated by Potter’s Inn Ministry of Colorado. She is extremely thankful for God’s continued transformational work in her life, a work that is teaching her to slow down and enjoy God’s presence more and more.


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