The Weekly Breather: Quotidian (everyday, ordinary) Rest

It has been a tough week for so many. Marilyn Elliott invites us to take a deep breath and enjoy this spiritual exercise to help us rest.

Calming Anxety: Reclaiming Peace

Are you troubled with anxious thoughts or stressed out to the max? Patricia Taylor offers a spiritual exercise to help you reclaim peace in your life.

Calming Anxiety: Finding Hope

Do you find yourself fighting anxious, racing thoughts? Joycelyn Lewis shares an exercise designed to help you find hope in all the things that captivate your mind.

Calming Anxiety: Releasing Fear

Do you find yourself struggling with anxiety, worry, or fear? It seems most of us are feeling it in these tense days. Kathy Milans shares an exercise to help you release your fears to God and find relief.

Calming Anxiety: A Trust Exercise

Are you feeling a little anxious these days? A lot of people are. Marilyn Elliott shares an exercise to help you stop, take a breath, and be shed of some anxiety and tension.

The Weekly Breather: Resting in Completion

Have you taken the chance to rest and enjoy the completion of something in your life? Allow this weekly breather to help you do just that.

The Weekly Breather: Your Work is Done

We are such a productivity-oriented society. Have you ever stopped to celebrate something you completed? Enjoy a Sabbath-like moment with this Weekly Breather.

The Weekly Breather: Where are You Going?

Do you know where you are? Do you know where you’re going? See if the Lord has something to tell you through this Weekly Breather.

The Weekly Breather: Uniquely You

Do you feel weird? Let God show you how beautiful your uniqueness really is with this weekly breather.

The Weekly Breather: Christ in You

We often speak about Jesus, but can you hear Him speaking in you? Take time with this weekly breather to listen to that still small voice within.