Feel the Love!

Do you have difficulty feeling God’s love for you? Kathy Milans shares helpful perspectives that may help you know the love you have always longed for.

The Lone Ranger and Spiritual Formation

It is easy to become isolated and lonely in an individualistic culture. Rodger Niemeier shares wisdom about being The Lone Ranger and how your spiritual formation is best walked out in the context of community.

Quick and Easy Mindfulness Moment

Stop and smell the roses! Do you struggle to set aside time to experience God’s presence in your life? Mary Morton shares how small moments for intentional mindfulness can make a big impact on your soul.

Christianity and Caring for our Planet

Plastics are destroying our world. What does God have to say about the ways we have (or haven’t) cared for our natural resources properly?

It all began with the little old, two-coin woman

The value of what you contribute to the kingdom of God is determined by God. Mary Morton shares how you, like the two-coin woman, can give something of more value than you ever thought possible.

The Weekly Breather: After Christmas

Take a deep breath and reflect after the tinsel and glow of Christmas is gone…or is it?

Lights in the Darkness: A Reflection on Advent Candlelighting

“The people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” Matthew 4:16 The candles on the advent wreath light the way for Jesus to bring light into our darkness. Mary Morton shares the meaning and beauty of the Advent candles.

The Weekly Breather: Come, Lord Jesus!

Are you exhausted and burdened by the busiest season of the year? Are you hurting from loss or loneliness? Take a moment to breathe and practice this spiritual exercise designed to help you connect with God and find peace.

Leaving our Water Jars

When the woman at the well ran to tell everyone about Jesus, she left her water jar behind. Jerimy Spencer shares beautifully written wisdom about the water jars we all carry and Christ’s desire to set us free from our own grip on things that will never quench our thirst.

Looking for Greener Pastures?

Have you been put out to pasture, or are you tired and looking for greener pastures? Kathy Milans shares a fresh perspective in an interactive article designed to help you connect with God and rest.