If You Don’t Rest, You Won’t Last

Everybody talks about the parable of the woodcutter and sharpening your axe. But how can we rest when so much kingdom work remains to be done? Nick Cash shares the dangers of keeping your eyes on the work and not on God.

The Weekly Breather: Go With The Flow

Do you feel like you are fighting your way upstream, battling fiercely against the current? Let this spiritual exercise help you connect with God to take a rest in his arms today.

The Secret to Real Happiness

We all constantly pursue what we think will finally make us content in life. Nick Cash shares the secret to true happiness – not the emotion, but that sense of being satisfied with your life, which we all crave.

How to Experience Miracles Every Day

Would you like to know how to experience the miraculous every single day? Mary Morton shares wisdom about the prayer of faith and miraculous encounters.

You Have the Right to be Human: What my Wife and Kids are Teaching me about Perfectionism

Do you always feel the need to make sure every little thing you do is perfect? Ben Snyder shares what his family taught him about the bondage of perfectionism.

What to Do When You are Exhausted

If you could have seen us, you would have laughed. There we were, traversing our way through the busy London streets, my ambitious husband and twelve-year-old son in the lead, my two daughters (10 & 6) meandering in the middle and me, the mom, following behind, keeping them in a line like a bunch of […]

The Logic of Lent: What Really Happens when You Fast?

Have you ever wondered what purpose fasting actually serves in our spirituality? Ben Snyder provides an analytical assessment of how deprivation of flesh impacts our relationship with God.

Fasting without an Agenda

So often, we fast and pray when we want answers or want God to move in some way. But, what might happen in the core of your soul if you fasted without any expectations?

The Heart of Lent

What is Lent anyway, and why do we observe it? Karen Vine shares just what is at the heart of Lent and why we need it so much.

What is Soul Care?

What does soul care mean? Nick Cash shares the biblical basis for nurturing your soul as well as the souls of others.