Touch In Today’s World

Jesus used his hands to heal. May our every touch be a touch that comforts, blesses, and heals. May every touch convey safety and deep respect and concern for the other.

Feel the Love!

Do you have difficulty feeling God’s love for you? Kathy Milans shares helpful perspectives that may help you know the love you have always longed for.

The Lone Ranger and Spiritual Formation

It is easy to become isolated and lonely in an individualistic culture. Rodger Niemeier shares wisdom about being The Lone Ranger and how your spiritual formation is best walked out in the context of community.

The Tough Task of Loving Others Just as They Are

Sometimes people do not behave the way we would like for them to. Kathy Milans shares the hard truth that we are still called to love them, not as we wish them to be, but as they actually are.

You Have the Right to be Human: What my Wife and Kids are Teaching me about Perfectionism

Do you always feel the need to make sure every little thing you do is perfect? Ben Snyder shares what his family taught him about the bondage of perfectionism.

8 Practical Thoughts about Hospitality

Have you ever experienced an encounter with someone that changed your whole day? Marilyn Elliott shares just how valuable hospitality really is.

The Best Way to Show You Love Someone

How can I show someone how much I love them? Mary Morton shares the secret to making others feel truly loved.

Making Jesus the Center of Christmas

How can we keep Jesus at the center of our Christmas festivities in a culture of consumerism? Mary Morton has solid advice.

Real Connectivity in the Age of Technology

Are you feeling disconnected even when your wifi has connectivity? Charlotte Easley shares about having real connectedness with others in this age of technology.

How Families Can Use Tech Wisely: A Book Review

How can families use technology responsibly? Ben Snyder reviews the book, The Tech-wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in its Proper Place, by Andy Crouch.