Addiction & Codependency

For those facing this crisis, know that change is possible. Despite the destructive and painful reality of addiction, there are steps that can be taken to find hope and healing, as individuals and within our communities.

The Painful Truth about Pornography

When someone needs help dealing with a sex-related addiction or compulsion, it’s important for them to remember they are not alone. It’s crucial to reach out for strength, support, and encouragement.

One Damaging Myth about Addiction That Churches Can Change

In the realm of addiction, where the negative stigma is reportedly greater than it is for mental illness more generally, our society seems to find it especially easy to erase the distinction between a person’s disease and their identity

Perfectionism and its Impact on Your Spiritual Growth.

Remember that God reassured Paul that in his imperfection he could open his eyes to how much he needed God’s help. Kathy Milans shares more about how perfectionism can impact your spiritual growth.

Quick and Easy Mindfulness Moment

Stop and smell the roses! Do you struggle to set aside time to experience God’s presence in your life? Mary Morton shares how small moments for intentional mindfulness can make a big impact on your soul.

The Weekly Breather: Holy Misfits

Have you felt like an outcast or a weirdo? Jesus has a special place in his heart for misfits. Encounter God and let Him show you how important you are to the kingdom with this guided prayer exercise by Patricia Taylor.

The Weekly Breather: Renewing Your Mind

The Bible instructs us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Patricia Taylor explains the scientific aspects of renewing our minds with Scripture and provides a helpful exercise.

The Secret to Real Happiness

We all constantly pursue what we think will finally make us content in life. Nick Cash shares the secret to true happiness – not the emotion, but that sense of being satisfied with your life, which we all crave.

5 Saints Who Struggled with Addiction and Mental Illness

Do you struggle with feeling like a failure as a Christian because you struggle with mental illness? Kristina Robb-Dover shares about 5 saints who struggled the same way.

The High Cost of Domestic Violence

There is more at stake when it comes to surviving domestic violence than just mental and emotional burdens. Often, there is a heavy financial burden for the abused as well.