What My Rescue Dog Taught Me About God’s Love

Do you doubt God’s love for you because of something you have done? Patricia Taylor shares what her rescue dog taught her about the patient love of God that heals all brokenness.

How to Forgive and Forget

When someone hurts you, you’re supposed to forgive and forget. That is what good Christians do, right? The Bible does tell us that forgiveness is not optional for Christians, so we better get right to it. There’s nothing for it but to get it over with, right? So what you really need is a quick […]

God Isn’t Done with You Just Because You Made a Mistake

Have you made some really poor decisions in life? Did you mess up really badly? Keith Turner shares what the story of Samson has to teach us about mistakes and why God is not done with you yet!

Is God Really as Mean as People Say He Is?

If you listen to some people preach, God can seem scary, violent, manipulative, and just plain mean. But, is that really true about Him? Kathy Milans shares more about spiritual and our perception of God.

Have You Been Hurt by Someone in the Church?

Have you been hurt by someone in the church? You may not recognize it as such, but it could be spiritual abuse. Kathy Milans shares more…

Curiosity Killed the Cat, but Will it Kill my Soul? Asking Questions of Our Faith

Is it really ok to question our faith? Kathy Milans shares about hard questions, holy curiosity, and the value of a faith that has been truly tested.

How to Get Divorced

When two people divorce, it affects the whole family. But, nobody tells the family members how to cope. Marilyn Elliott shares from her own struggle to accept and work through a divorce in her family.

The High Cost of Domestic Violence

There is more at stake when it comes to surviving domestic violence than just mental and emotional burdens. Often, there is a heavy financial burden for the abused as well.

The Longest Night of the Year

Sometimes the darkness feels like it will never end. Patricia Taylor shares her thoughts on the longest night of the year.

How I Know Jesus Believes in You

In September of 2015, almost two years ago, I sat in a building built of only corrugated metal. The sweat poured down my face, a constant stream flowed down my back. The sign on the front of the building featured a crude painting of a naked woman and the inside contained a row of doors […]