Why “I Feel Called” is not Enough

Do you feel personally called to vocational ministry or communally called? Kei Hiramatsu explains why an Eastern perspective of community can better serve the communal-style Body of Christ.

Awakened to the Supernatural

Are you awakening to the supernatural? Nick Cash discusses what Scripture has to say about the spiritual world.

The Heart of Lent

What is Lent anyway, and why do we observe it? Karen Vine shares just what is at the heart of Lent and why we need it so much.

Are You Feeling Hopeless?

Do you find yourself in an impossible situation? Patricia Taylor discusses hopeless situations and what we can learn from Mark 5:21-43.

Bring Your Broken Pieces

Are you shattered? Is someone you love grieving or in need of healing? Sarah Damaska shares the beauty hidden in suffering and brokenness.

True Greatness is Not What You Think

Do you want to be a true leader? Keith Turner explains why you might be looking in all the wrong places.

Ash Wednesday is About Your Heart, Not Your Forehead

What is with all these people walking around with ashes on their foreheads? Karen Vine shares that the ashes we wear are actually about the state of our hearts, not the cleanliness of our faces.

Things to Remember During Spiritual Battles

Our battle is a spiritual one, but it’s not a fair fight! Nick Cash shares some important things to remember when engaging in spiritual warfare’s many battles.

Where Racial Reconciliation Begins

Sometimes we really want to learn, to grow, to love. But, it can be hard to know how to start. Heather Celoria shares how to begin a life of self-awareness that roots out the evil of racism in our hearts.

Finding Balance in the New Year

How can we find that elusive balance in our lives in this new year? Michelle Marx reflects on living life with a full cup.