How to Change the World: A Note to Graduates

As followers of Jesus, we are not called to change the uppercase World, we are called to be faithful to him. Of course, by following Jesus we can change the lowercase world (those in our circles of influence).
Dr. Ben Snyder’s message to graduates based on expert advice.

It all began with the little old, two-coin woman

The value of what you contribute to the kingdom of God is determined by God. Mary Morton shares how you, like the two-coin woman, can give something of more value than you ever thought possible.

Spiritual Inheritance: What Were You Given, What Will You Give?

What kind of spiritual inheritance have you been given? What will you do with it? Mary Morton shares more about the precious things we have been given and how to steward them well.

Leaving our Water Jars

When the woman at the well ran to tell everyone about Jesus, she left her water jar behind. Jerimy Spencer shares beautifully written wisdom about the water jars we all carry and Christ’s desire to set us free from our own grip on things that will never quench our thirst.

Are You Looking for a Refreshingly New Way to Fund Raise?

As we near the end of the year and are talking with people about year-end charitable giving, Keith Turner has a message for all of us thinking about dollars and…sense!

Becoming a Nobody so I Can Become a Somebody

I’ve been known in my community and now I am opting to become unknown. Fr. Thomas Keating, a Cistercian monk, says that we interact with the world through “programs for happiness.” As part of the way humans develop we all seek power and control, affection and esteem, and security and survival. I grew up in […]

Falling Is Not Failure Until You Quit Fighting

Get knocked down? Nick Cash shares how we can fall right into the arms of Jesus. What might it mean to invite the Presence of Jesus into your failings?

Curiosity Killed the Cat, but Will it Kill my Soul? Asking Questions of Our Faith

Is it really ok to question our faith? Kathy Milans shares about hard questions, holy curiosity, and the value of a faith that has been truly tested.

The Logic of Lent: What Really Happens when You Fast?

Have you ever wondered what purpose fasting actually serves in our spirituality? Ben Snyder provides an analytical assessment of how deprivation of flesh impacts our relationship with God.

How to Find Delight Instead of Duty in Serving God

Does serving God seem like drudgery? Maybe you are doing it someone else’s way! Christina Embree shares the wisdom of knowing yourself and how that translates to personalized, diverse, delightful styles of interacting with God.