The Weekly Breather: Come, Lord Jesus!


The time of the year leading up to Christmas is so busy and so stressful. With so many activities and shopping, it is a wonder that our hearts are even in a position to receive the Christ-child at all. If you’re anything like me, you find yourself frequently feeling the need to steal away and just breathe. So, take a moment to settle into your space and begin to note the rise and fall of your breath. Begin to intentionally breathe more slowly and deeply. Begin to become aware of the places in your body that are holding tension and begin to release that tension toward Jesus.

The Word

As you continue to breathe deeply and slowly, reflect upon the Scripture below. Pay attention to any words or phrases that stand out to you and ask God what He is trying to communicate to you through his Word.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
John 14:27

Consider This

The holiday season demands much of us. However, sometimes, in an effort to love and feel loved, we fill our lives with busyness and noise. Might God be inviting you to set aside intentional time to spend with Him during this Advent, so you can make room in your heart for the coming Christ?

Maybe busyness isn’t your issue. Maybe you are experiencing the pain of loss or loneliness. Advent can be a remembering of the suffering of the world as our hearts cry out for the King of Peace to come and set things right again. Remember the aching longing the children of Israel had to be freed from their oppressors prior to the birth of Messiah. Your tears and cries echo theirs. God heard them and sent the Promised One. He will hear you also and send the Comfort of his Presence.


Good, good, Father, we cry out to You with our diverse longings and hurts. We ache and wonder how long will it be before you set things right in our world. By your Spirit, help us to encounter your peace despite what we experience in the brokenness of creation. Bring us the hope that Christmas is all about: you heard your people and responded by fulfilling your promise in Jesus Christ. We believe You will do it again. Help us to cling to that hope. Amen.

Patricia is the Coordinator of Alumni and Church Relations at Asbury Theological Seminary and the Managing Editor for Soul Care Community. She and her teenage son live and play video games together in Wilmore, KY. Patricia's passions are inner healing ministry, spiritual formation, cooking, writing, growing things, and teaching others how to have a vibrant prayer life.


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