I like to think of myself as a prospector for beauty. Treasure can be hidden under many layers and only requires a prospector to bring it to the surface. I seek to unearth the sometimes-hidden beauty in the garden, home, “one man’s junk”, fibre art and the lives of others. My passion is to reflect God to the world by creating and calling out this beauty. I am a wife, a mother of two, a grateful wanderer of places local and far flung. I have a robust collection of clothes and shoes (boots are a particular weakness). I underline when I read not wanting to miss the gems that others have offered. I have a lifelong relationship with the written word and living Word of God and pursued deeper understanding through post secondary education (Bachelor of Religious Education). “My worth is directly proportional to the amount I produce” was the voice in my head throughout most of my life. This kept me in a state of “doing” and kept me from a deep inner life. I thought time was being wasted if I sat and pondered things for too long. This view kept me busy on the hamster wheel of life, feeling out of control and discontent. It was only when I took time to slow down and listen to my life that I could hear how God was speaking and learn His plan for me. My writing represents a shift from being very active to being more reflective and seeking to be led and refashioned by Jesus.

Embracing My Inheritance

It seems that much of the beautiful and rich inheritance we have in the history of the Christian church was ignored, often looked upon with suspicion and even shunned.
There is a beautiful sense of rootedness that comes from participating in practices that have blessed believers for over 2,000 years.

Wisdom From The Yoga Mat

Just because you aren’t moving doesn’t mean something isn’t happening.