Sarah lives in the Thumb of Michigan, stirring the soup, folding the laundry and sitting at the soccer games in between drumming up a few words on her blog, She drinks her coffee with a bit of cream and if you check her purse, you’ll probably find a book (or three), just in case. Sarah loves Jesus with all her heart and graduated from Asbury University with a degree in Christian Education.

What to Do When You are Exhausted

If you could have seen us, you would have laughed. There we were, traversing our way through the busy London streets, my ambitious husband and twelve-year-old son in the lead, my two daughters (10 & 6) meandering in the middle and me, the mom, following behind, keeping them in a line like a bunch of […]

How I Know Jesus Believes in You

In September of 2015, almost two years ago, I sat in a building built of only corrugated metal. The sweat poured down my face, a constant stream flowed down my back. The sign on the front of the building featured a crude painting of a naked woman and the inside contained a row of doors […]

How to Find God in Our Ordinary Tasks

How can we encounter God in the everyday tasks we complete? Sarah Damaska shares the great potential of everyday tasks to orient us toward God.

Bring Your Broken Pieces

Are you shattered? Is someone you love grieving or in need of healing? Sarah Damaska shares the beauty hidden in suffering and brokenness.

The Most Important Parenting Task

What is the one most important thing you can give your child? Sarah Damaska weighs in.

Declaring God is Enough when Reality Falls Short

There are so many times in our lives when our expectations are not met by reality. Those are disappointing times indeed. Sarah Damaska shares some wisdom on declaring that God is enough even when reality leaves you disappointed.

What to Do When Words Hurt

Sometimes words just hurt. Sarah Damaska shares how she learned to handle hurtful things.