Patricia is the Coordinator of Alumni and Church Relations at Asbury Theological Seminary and the Managing Editor for Soul Care Community. She and her teenage son live and play video games together in Wilmore, KY. Patricia's passions are inner healing ministry, spiritual formation, cooking, writing, growing things, and teaching others how to have a vibrant prayer life.

The Weekly Breather: Holy Misfits

Have you felt like an outcast or a weirdo? Jesus has a special place in his heart for misfits. Encounter God and let Him show you how important you are to the kingdom with this guided prayer exercise by Patricia Taylor.

The Weekly Breather: Come, Lord Jesus!

Are you exhausted and burdened by the busiest season of the year? Are you hurting from loss or loneliness? Take a moment to breathe and practice this spiritual exercise designed to help you connect with God and find peace.

The Weekly Breather: Renewing Your Mind

The Bible instructs us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Patricia Taylor explains the scientific aspects of renewing our minds with Scripture and provides a helpful exercise.

What My Rescue Dog Taught Me About God’s Love

Do you doubt God’s love for you because of something you have done? Patricia Taylor shares what her rescue dog taught her about the patient love of God that heals all brokenness.

How to Forgive and Forget

When someone hurts you, you’re supposed to forgive and forget. That is what good Christians do, right? The Bible does tell us that forgiveness is not optional for Christians, so we better get right to it. There’s nothing for it but to get it over with, right? So what you really need is a quick […]

The Weekly Breather: Re-membering When You Fall Apart

Do you feel like the whole world is falling apart sometimes? Patricia Taylor shares a spiritual exercise designed to help you connect with God and find the peace that will hold you together in the storms of life.

The Weekly Breather: Taking Refuge

Are you feeling anxiety about all the bad things that happen in the world? Allow this spiritual exercise to help you release that to God.

The Weekly Breather: The Heartbeat of God

Are you constantly afraid of what God thinks of you? Do you need a respite from that fear? Allow this spiritual exercise to help you hear the heartbeat of our compassionate Father.

How to Have a Better Prayer Life in the New Year

Are you trying to find ways to elevate your prayer life in the new year? Patricia Taylor shares one of the easiest things you can try to find more satisfaction with your prayer life.

The Longest Night of the Year

Sometimes the darkness feels like it will never end. Patricia Taylor shares her thoughts on the longest night of the year.