Rev. Nicholas A. Cash serves as Teaching Pastor at Christ Community Church, a Free Methodist congregation in Columbus, Georgia. Believing that the Spirit of God can enable every person to succeed in the journey of Christian discipleship, Nick regularly writes about following Jesus at

Mind the Gap Between Freedom & Wisdom

We cry out freedom, but who is crying out for wisdom? Nick Cash shares why we should be careful in our freedom to exercise wisdom so we won’t wreck our witness.

Falling Is Not Failure Until You Quit Fighting

Get knocked down? Nick Cash shares how we can fall right into the arms of Jesus. What might it mean to invite the Presence of Jesus into your failings?

If You Don’t Rest, You Won’t Last

Everybody talks about the parable of the woodcutter and sharpening your axe. But how can we rest when so much kingdom work remains to be done? Nick Cash shares the dangers of keeping your eyes on the work and not on God.

The Secret to Real Happiness

We all constantly pursue what we think will finally make us content in life. Nick Cash shares the secret to true happiness – not the emotion, but that sense of being satisfied with your life, which we all crave.

Awakened to the Supernatural

Are you awakening to the supernatural? Nick Cash discusses what Scripture has to say about the spiritual world.

What is Soul Care?

What does soul care mean? Nick Cash shares the biblical basis for nurturing your soul as well as the souls of others.

Mind the Gap between Being and Doing

What difference does it really make when we are intentional about our formation? Nick Cash shares some tips on how to determine the path toward the positive changes you want to make in your life.

Things to Remember During Spiritual Battles

Our battle is a spiritual one, but it’s not a fair fight! Nick Cash shares some important things to remember when engaging in spiritual warfare’s many battles.

Why the Shepherds?

Why did God send the angels to announce the birth of the Savior to shepherds? Nick Cash shares insight into this holy mystery.

Hope, Healing, and Incarnational Ministry

What is it like to devote your life to bringing hope to people around the world? Nick Cash shares his experience as a Senior Chaplain with Mercy Ships, serving the desperate poor along the coasts of Africa.