Mary Morton holds a BS degree in English and a minor in Journalism, studying at both Utah State University and the University of Kentucky. She is a graduate of the Author Academy, Carnegie Center for Writing and Literacy in Lexington, Kentucky and has been published in Baby Bug magazine and various adult periodicals. She is a member of Soul Care Community's Steering Committee, and her hope is that, through her writing, someone, even one person, will be led to seek a closer relationship with the Lord. When she is not writing, she is out being walked by her three rescued greyhounds, making costumes for her grandkids' school plays, or volunteering wherever she is needed.

What Would It be Like to be God’s Dog?

What would it be like to be God’s dog? Mary Morton muses about learning, meditation, holy imagination, dogs, God, and tail wagging.

How to Experience Miracles Every Day

Would you like to know how to experience the miraculous every single day? Mary Morton shares wisdom about the prayer of faith and miraculous encounters.

Fasting without an Agenda

So often, we fast and pray when we want answers or want God to move in some way. But, what might happen in the core of your soul if you fasted without any expectations?

The Best Way to Show You Love Someone

How can I show someone how much I love them? Mary Morton shares the secret to making others feel truly loved.

What Do You Want for Christmas?

Do you know what you want for Christmas? Mary Morton shares with us the meaning of a gift of bright, shining light to follow.

Making Jesus the Center of Christmas

How can we keep Jesus at the center of our Christmas festivities in a culture of consumerism? Mary Morton has solid advice.

How to Feed Your Soul

We all know that we need to fill our bodies with good things and engage in regular exercise in order to be physically fit. Mary Morton shares why our souls are not very different.

Is Christmas too Commercialized?

Is Christmas really too commercialized Mary Morton offers a change in perspective.