Mary Morton

Mary Morton holds a BS degree in English and a minor in Journalism, studying at both Utah State University and the University of Kentucky. She is a graduate of the Author Academy, Carnegie Center for Writing and Literacy in Lexington, Kentucky and has been published in Baby Bug magazine and various adult periodicals. She is a member of Soul Care Community's Steering Committee, and her hope is that, through her writing, someone, even one person, will be led to seek a closer relationship with the Lord. When she is not writing, she is out being walked by her three rescued greyhounds, making costumes for her grandkids' school plays, or volunteering wherever she is needed.

Quick and Easy Mindfulness Moment

Stop and smell the roses! Do you struggle to set aside time to experience God’s presence in your life? Mary Morton shares how small moments for intentional mindfulness can make a big impact on your soul.

It all began with the little old, two-coin woman

The value of what you contribute to the kingdom of God is determined by God. Mary Morton shares how you, like the two-coin woman, can give something of more value than you ever thought possible.

Spiritual Inheritance: What Were You Given, What Will You Give?

What kind of spiritual inheritance have you been given? What will you do with it? Mary Morton shares more about the precious things we have been given and how to steward them well.

A Very Punny Christmas

The days leading up to Christmas can be hurried and stressful. We welcome you to take a moment to laugh (or groan!) at this light-hearted article.

Lights in the Darkness: A Reflection on Advent Candlelighting

“The people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” Matthew 4:16 The candles on the advent wreath light the way for Jesus to bring light into our darkness. Mary Morton shares the meaning and beauty of the Advent candles.

The Painful Irony of Raising Children

You’re given charge over your children only to let them go. Mary Morton talks about how difficult that is, and how faith can help.

What Does it Mean to Abide in Christ?

Christians talk about abiding in Christ, but what does that really mean? Mary Morton shares her perspective.

The Weekly Breather: Enjoying Peace

Do you have a lack of peace in your life? Mary Morton shares a spiritual exercise that will help you connect with the peace of God and rest in it for a while.

What Would It be Like to be God’s Dog?

What would it be like to be God’s dog? Mary Morton muses about learning, meditation, holy imagination, dogs, God, and tail wagging.

How to Experience Miracles Every Day

Would you like to know how to experience the miraculous every single day? Mary Morton shares wisdom about the prayer of faith and miraculous encounters.