Kathy has experience as an elementary educator, teacher trainer, adjunct professor, and has served as Family Resource Director for a major hospital. Kathy is a Kentucky Licensed Pastoral Counselor and is credentialed as a Registered Play Therapist/Supervisor by the American Association of Play Therapy. She is owner of a private practice, Path of Life Ministry, in Wilmore, KY.

Touch In Today’s World

Jesus used his hands to heal. May our every touch be a touch that comforts, blesses, and heals. May every touch convey safety and deep respect and concern for the other.

How to Get through the Summer Without Killing Your Kids

Ways to help you and your children have the best summer possible and for
you as a parent to actually miss your kids when they return to school:

Review: Invitation to Retreat

“If you don’t come apart for a while, you will come apart after a while.” Summer is a time for rest, retreat and renewal. Read about ways to invite God into your quiet time.

Feel the Love!

Do you have difficulty feeling God’s love for you? Kathy Milans shares helpful perspectives that may help you know the love you have always longed for.

Perfectionism and its Impact on Your Spiritual Growth.

Remember that God reassured Paul that in his imperfection he could open his eyes to how much he needed God’s help. Kathy Milans shares more about how perfectionism can impact your spiritual growth.

Christianity and Caring for our Planet

Plastics are destroying our world. What does God have to say about the ways we have (or haven’t) cared for our natural resources properly?

Trusting God’s Will Instead of your Own

Are you struggling to trust the will of God in a situation you’re dealing with? Kathy Milans shares the truth about how difficult and essential it is to trust the will of God.

The Weekly Breather: After Christmas

Take a deep breath and reflect after the tinsel and glow of Christmas is gone…or is it?

Recommended Reading: Pilgrimage of the Soul by Phileena Heuertz

Our steering committee wants to share what we are reading with you! This week, Kathy Milans provides a review of Pilgrimage of the Soul by Phileena Heuertz

Recommended Reading: Gordon Smith’s Book, Teach Us to Pray

Gordon Smith has written a small book, Teach Us to Pray, that teaches one how to pray through the three movements of thanksgiving, confession, and discernment. He anchors this book around the idea that Jesus taught his disciples to pray for the coming of the kingdom and this should also be our most “important agenda.” Smith […]