Jerimy Spencer is a musician, composer, song writer, worship leader, and artist. Most recently he wrote and recorded music for ‘The Voice of Blood (Cain and Abel short film).’ He loves hanging out at the movie theatre, hiking, reading C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, and Scottish Gaelic prayers. He has a BA in Humanities and Biblical Studies with a minor in music from Kentucky Christian University and an MA in Intercultural Studies from Asbury Theological Seminary.

Speaking into the Silence of Grief: For Aaron

We release a special edition of the Soul Care Community Blog: As we approach graduation weekend, Jerimy Spencer shares deep words of pain and hope at the great loss of one of Asbury Theological Semnary’s beloved family members, Aaron Nickerson.

The Weekly Breather: Bring What You Have Caught

Jesus invites all of us to his feast. What is He asking you to bring with you? Jerimy Spencer shares a spiritual exercise designed to help you see the blessings God has given you as well as the blessings He has waiting for you when you come.

Leaving our Water Jars

When the woman at the well ran to tell everyone about Jesus, she left her water jar behind. Jerimy Spencer shares beautifully written wisdom about the water jars we all carry and Christ’s desire to set us free from our own grip on things that will never quench our thirst.