This is Why I Am Not Jesus

“Just be like Jesus,” they said. “It’ll be easy,” they said. Duke Walker shares what happened when he decided to stop trying to be Jesus.

Strength and Weakness: The Inverted Nature of the Kingdom of God

Strength and weakness can be our greatest strengths…or our greatest weaknesses! Duke Walker shares how both strength and weakness can be double-edged swords and explains how it can poison our lives if we choose to rely on either one rather than on God.

Living in the Tension of Love and Fear of God

What does it mean for perfect love to cast out all fear? Can we even imagine a future with no fear? Duke Walker muses about loneliness and fear—and how we are never really alone.

Why Faith-Filled Depression is Better Than Pseudo-Holy Hope

What does a person really need when they are walking through a dark time? Duke Walker shares wisdom that faith-filled depression is better than pseudo-holy hope. Christian faith in the midst of depression is a faith that is grounded in the unchanging nature of God. This is the faith that walks through the valley with the knowledge that God goes with us. To hope for anything else is idolatry and contributes to the depth of despair rather than lifting one out of it.

Technology Can Keep Us from Incarnational Living

We live more and more in a fast-paced, technology-driven society. Duke Walker muses on how technology might be affecting our spirituality.

Good and Evil: The Tree of Irony

What actually happened when the first humans ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Our friend, Duke Walker, shares some interesting insights into the dynamics of the fall and the damage it has caused every single moment since, including our damaging choice to pridefully condemn one another.

Are You a Human Being, Human Doing, or Human Meeting?

Are you a human being, or are you a human doing? What about a human meeting? Duke Walker shares his thoughts on loving and being loved in Christ in the context of community, and how this more accurately reflects the Trinity.

Failing into the Arms of a Loving God

There is the Good News of the Gospel and then, there is the good news about ourselves. The good news about ourselves is that we are limited. We run out. We run out of our best efforts. Duke Walker shares his experience of coming to the end of himself, and how his failings brought him closer to God.