Dr. Don Demaray: Retirement, People, and Dogs

Dr. Don Demaray talks lightheartedly about non-retirement, writing, needing people, and his new-found love of dogs.

Retirement and the Theology of Tea

Today, the Soul Care Collective presents our weekly Aging and Spirituality video, featuring Dr. Don Demaray’s thoughts on retirement and the theology of tea.

Is There Power in Positive Thinking?

Does it really matter whether we are optimists or pessimists? What can positive thinking really do? In today’s Aging and Spirituality series video, Dr. Don Demaray explains how thinking positively can make an impact on your life.

Donald Demaray: Aging and Spirituality

What spiritual possibilities exist in the difficult phase of aging? In today’s video interview, Dr. Donald Demaray speaks to us about sensitive issues like caring for a spouse with dementia, children having crises, and the grace involved in each process.

Healing on Hold: Advice for Walking With the Hurting

This morning’s newspaper carries a curious headline: “HEALING ON HOLD” The reference is to a community of people who couldn’t heal from the trauma of the destructive hurricane that leveled their school. The insurer held up money to re-build, to heal the community. People who come to us for help long for healing but often feel […]