Charlotte is a graduate of Asbury University Masters of Social Work Program. She has a private practice in downtown Lexington and at Central Kentucky Riding for Hope working with women who are struggling find healing, purpose, and passion. She collaborates with Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center co-facilitating EASTT (Equine Assisted Survivors of Trauma Therapy) group and individual sessions. She is the recipient of a 2016 Innovative Programming Award by the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programming (KASAP) for EASTT. She is a certified Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning through PATH, Int. and a certified EAGALA mental health professional. She is trained in EMDR and certified in equine assisted EMDR. She facilities women’s leadership, growth, and skill building groups, as well as veterans’ groups with the wonderful herd at Central Kentucky Riding for Hope.

How to Find an Advent Perspective

The season of Advent has always been something I love. As I prepare my heart, mind, and home for ‘the coming,’ the expectant waiting is a reminder of the past promised birth and the future return of the Messiah. This keeps me grounded in the knowledge that this world is not my home and that […]

Real Connectivity in the Age of Technology

Are you feeling disconnected even when your wifi has connectivity? Charlotte Easley shares about having real connectedness with others in this age of technology.

Why We Must Balance Grace and Truth

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Suicide: A Conversation Can Save a Life

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Horses Can Heal

Sometimes, when people are lost or stuck, an alternative form of therapy can be the key to unlocking healing. Charlotte Easley shares how equine therapy has helped her care for the souls of some of the most broken people she has worked with.